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At SeniorBad GmbH, you will find high-quality bathroom cabinets. Whether it's a wall cabinet, tall cabinet or LED illuminated mirror? Let us convince you of our selection and quality

Every bathroom needs the right cabinet

Of course, the furnishing of one's own bathroom is open to debate - for example, whether one should opt for a cozy bathtub or a space-saving shower cabins. On the other hand, a well-furnished bathroom should not be without a high-quality bathroom cabinet, in which various small care products such as shampoo, deodorant or shaving foam, but also many other utensils such as flannels, towels or brushes can be stored. Within our wide range of products, we offer you an extensive selection of high-quality bathroom cabinets in various sizes and shapes, which you can order directly online from us ? And of course at extremely attractive prices, as usual.

Much more than just a piece of furniture: the bathroom cabinet

Just like the living room, the bathroom expresses the personal charm of its owner - so it is hardly surprising that many people give a lot of thought to the furnishing of the bathroom. However, since tastes are fortunately different, we offer you a variety of bathroom cabinets to choose from in our shop, among which there is sure to be a beautiful model that corresponds to your very personal wishes. Self-designed bathroom cabinets are the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Of course, all the models we offer are fine custom-made products that can withstand high humidity in the bathroom and direct contact with water splashes. Two important criteria that play a particularly important role in a wooden bathroom cabinet - after all, you should ideally be able to enjoy your new furniture for a lifetime.

Different types of bathroom cabinet

A bathroom cabinet can be purchased in different designs, which in turn are designed for different types of bathroom. For example, in addition to comparatively large versions, very compact models can also be purchased, which are ideal for installation in smaller bathrooms. Bathroom cabinets can be purchased in various designs, which in turn are designed for different types of bathrooms.

Bathroom wall cabinet

  • A bathroom cabinet is suitable for both small and large bathrooms. As its name suggests, this model is simply hung anywhere on the wall, which means that no valuable floor space is taken up.
  • Depending on its size, a bathroom cabinet offers storage space for a wide range of utensils, which are optimally protected from moisture thanks to an attached door.
  • In addition, a cupboard can also be cleaned very easily from below without having to move the furniture for this purpose.

Bathroom tall cabinet

A bathroom tall cabinet is a classic floor-standing shelf that is placed on the floor. Such a model is particularly suitable for smaller bathrooms, as it only takes up a small amount of floor space due to its flat design. Alternatively, however, you can also find wider models for larger bathrooms here.

Mirror cabinet

A mirror cabinet is a classic bathroom cabinet that also has a mirrored front. For more interesting information about this particularly original subtype of bathroom cabinet, we recommend you take a look at our product category of the same name.

Determining the right size of bathroom cabinet

To determine the right size of bathroom cabinet for your bathroom at home, several factors play an important role - first and foremost, of course, the number of family members. In addition, ask yourself before you buy what items you want to store in your cabinet on a permanent basis: Especially handkerchiefs and washcloths often take up more space than expected. If there are several women in your family, their habits should also be taken into account when choosing a suitable wardrobe: Various make-up utensils, moisturizers and perfumes usually take up much more space than the often quite manageable care products of a male person.

Order stylish bathroom cabinets at

Convince yourself of the stylish design and the extremely high quality workmanship of our bathroom cabinets and order your favorite model quickly and inexpensively from SeniorBad GmbH. With us, you benefit from both fast delivery of your order and an extensive selection of popular payment options including PayPal, Amazon Payments and purchase on account. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to answer them personally: you can reach us on weekdays via our free hotline at local rates or in writing via our convenient contact form.

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